DEMO Mode Limitations

Demo version is a fullfunctional version with all features enabled. None of limitations to source file format are applied. The only restriction is applied to the output file duration. Depending on particular format, limitation is around 10 sec. of playback time. FLV file joiner in demo mode copies the first file in full, but all subsequent files are truncated to the same ~10 sec. value.

Important Notice:

Playing FLV files, converted from MP3 format in DEMO mode you may see, that progress indicator in your Flash-based mediaplayer does not reflect the real (limited to 10 sec) file duration. This is not a bug. Progress indicator always reflects the full-length file duration, as if it would be produced by full version of the software. If it could ensure you, you can try the next trick: first convert a full-length MP3 song into FLV format and get FLV file of limited duration. Then convert this FLV file back to MP3 format. You’ll get a short piece of your original MP3 song. Now use MP3 to FLV conversion once more. Try this FLV file in your mediaplayer. You’ll see that progress indicator now reflects playback position pretty correctly. While enjoying playing music with these tools, i will invite you to have a look at casino en ligne for more entertaining info.

All demo mode restrictions are removed after activation.

 New Flash video/audio formats (H.264 / AAC) are supported.
 Video slideshow creation was added (see «MP3 to FLV» tab).
 FLV to AAC audio format lossless conversion was added (see «FLV to MP3» tab).
 FLV to M4V (iPod video format) conversion was added.

 Unicode file names are supported now.

Please report any bugs or comments / wishes to the technical support email address. We appreciate your feedback!