Convert MP3 files into Flash Video (FLV) format.
 Convert MP3 file and a set of still pictures (slides) into Flash Video (FLV) format – create a video slideshow.
 Apply a new MP3 soundtrack to existing FLV Video.
 Extract audiotrack from Flash Video (FLV).
Nellymoser-encoded audiotrack can be converted into uncompressed PCM (WAV) format or is recompressed into MP3 format with adjustable bitrate. AAC-encoded audiotrack is saved into .aac file format.
 Convert MP3 audio into Flash Movie (SWF) format.
 Convert Flash movies (SWF) into FLV format.
Any SWF movie, having embedded streaming sound and/or videotrack, can be converted into Flash Video streaming format.
 Convert FLV files into Flash Movie (SWF) format.
 Convert FLV files into Apple iPod-compatible (M4V) video format.
 Join Flash Video (FLV) files.
 Split Flash Video (FLV) files.